Web and mobile

I've designed several iOS apps including UI and UX design. Everything presented here I've done from the scratch: pencil + paper.

A demo version of navigation for a complex structured application of Post. The animation was created by After Effects
My latest projects at Reborn, where I was responsible for UI/UX design, integration, animation and front-end development
Kultur turissimo is a new blog, dedicated thematic travels over the world. It based on Ā«underscoresĀ» - a starter theme for WordPress One of the most popular themes for web developers.
Tricky English is an educational App for English learners. It is an innovative approach based on the flash card method. It has several unique tricks that helps one remember new words. You can peek at some letters of the word and draw a reminder picture for the card.
To promote the app I've created a dedicated webpage. Click and take a look on the animated web design I've did.
Decision cube is the first Android app I've done back in 2012 Still available to download on GooglePlay.
Speedy Fingers game is still in development for now