Movie posters

I was working on movie posters for around 5 years and was involved in many movies of different genres.

the design in movie poster style for Krav Maga Center "BY KICKYOUFIT". Starring Marc Stoltz
A new promotion in movie posters style for Latvian band "RIGA DISCO BLITZ" from Luxembourg
I won an exhibition about films that do not (yet) exist - In the style of a 1980s video club
The movie Viy was released in 2014. I won the official tender of Universal Pictures - the distributor of the movie. During 5 years of production, I've created more than 20 creative concepts of the key-art, taking into account requirements of multiple stakeholders.
In addition to the main design concept, I've created the teaser-poster and other creatives
Different design concepts for Viy movie logo
Living in Luxembourg inspired me on some personal movie poster projects Click on the image to see the full size poster.
The honeyboy is Russian art-house project. Click to view the full size
This poster inspired by luxembourgish history. Click to view the full size.
One of the latest Michael York’s movie. Click to view the full size