Please find some selected works below.

The promo design for "RIGA DISCO BLITZ" that will be released autumn 2018
A fresh new t-shirt design for the Ultimate de Lux frisbee team
A promo video demonstrating user interface and usability of the new Kneip application
Amazon screensavers ads appears on kindle tablets and eInk devices Click to see the 1-minute video of 2 hours design process.
At Amazon I've created designs for online ads, emails and Kindle screensaver ads. Creativity has to go with high attention to detail when creating ads for millions of viewers across the EU with very tight deadlines.
Promotional ad Stephen King's books
For screen protectors and covers I've placed the devices on simple asphalt to get the right feel.
Kids headphones look better on the watercolor background
Typical design challenge: advertise 20 books in a tiny space - solved
Colorful background to make the black object to stand out
Another way to make 15 assorted book covers to look good
Few examples of logo design
Adding a little bit of disco touch to black charges